Formal Qualifications:
B.Sc. (First Class Hons.) Flinders University (1971)
PhD. (Microbiology) Australian National University (1974)
B.Ec. Australian National University (1981)
Operation of own business valuing intangible assets and reviewing technology projects and their commercialisation
Director, CircleCom (listed on ASX) - now retired
Director, Tele-IP (listed on ASX) - now retired
Consultant with technology consultancy company Invetech Operations. Major activities were technology valuation, advice to research corporations, Australian and foreign governments and companies on commercialisation of technology
General Manager, Project Evaluation of Biotechnology Australia Pty. Ltd. Evaluation of research projects for eventual commercialisation.
Counsellor (Energy, Science and Technology), Australian Embassy Tokyo. Adviser to the Australian Government and industry on technical developments in Japan with emphasis on commercial aspects. Establishment of information distribution network on developments in Japan.
Secretariat of Australian Science and Technology Council (ASTEC) advisory body to Prime Minister. Main area of activity was financing and promotion of research and development in Australia.
Department of Foreign Affairs. posting to Italy - political and economic reporting, defence liaison. Assistant to Senior Adviser on Science, Technology and the Environment.